So, here we are again, middle of the night, and I am sitting at my computer. Today is a school day, so Jo decided she would deal with the Baby of No Sleeping. However, unless Jo is outside, clad in chain mail, and battering someone to death with a latex sword, she can't stay awake at night. So just after 4am I took over.

We actually went to bed just after 8pm last night, and by ten, it was obvious Tam was going for a repeat of Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. Jo hit the sofa with Tam so I could sleep, but I sort of dozed. Large empty bed on my own is not conductive to a good sleep. Not to mention I could hear Tam crying from the room below. Two in the morning, Jo comes back to bed - Tam still awake. I doze on and off, between Tam crying and both of them fidgeting. And now, 4am, Jo throws in the towel, and I sit with Tamsyn on my lap.

She's still awake, I should point out, and really not well. I think it's the flu, but it might be exhaustion + screaming + non-descript virus. She screamed so much and so hard Saturday night, she has hurt her throat. And the snot from her nose is like a waterfall... Well, a green, sticky waterfall.

Hopefully I can get a doctors appointment for tomorrow. Er, today. Monday.

And the worst part is trying not to panic. With Bethy, if she was this poorly, we usually ended up in hospital with her for the "just in case" factor. Green Snot = Very Bad, and she went on strong antibiotics, extra paracetamol, regular fluid intake (want it or not), and an xray. Bethy would always put up with what she had to - no matter how crap she felt, no matter how gross the meds, she'd let doctors prod and poke her, and take the meds without complaint.

Tam doesn't like to be fussed with, will NOT take her medicine without a fuss, but, she "just has a cold" which is hard to get our head around. "Just has a cold" is an odd concept for us. If Jaysen got sick, then it was panic stations in case Bethy ended up with it. And she usually did. And usually got really sick in the middle of the night, when we'd head off to the local hospital.

But now, it's "just a cold" and we have to get used to that. This is the first time Tam has been really poorly - she had a cold when she was about two weeks old, but now at almost eleven months, this is the first ill period we've had.

Anyways, Jaysen has to be up in three hours, and Tam is actually dosing off on me now (guess even she finds my blog boring!!) so now to find something to keep me occupied till then.

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2 Responses to “Familiar...”

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan, What can i say, it must be so hard not to Panic after Bethy, and I feel I will probably be the same, when this one comes too. But this also shows what great parents you are to, your devotion to a non sleep baby full of a cold is not easy, just wondering have you tried that baby obas oil on Tams cloths to help dry up her nose..Bless her I hope she feels better soon

Dan said...

Well, once Jaysen has been shipped off to school and Jo has had a bit more sleep, I will hand the baby over and take a trip to our chemist. He's a great chap, tells you how it is, doesn't try to sell you the shit that may or may not work, so he should be the best port of call.

I hope ;)