Time Displacement

I blame sleep deprivation, but don't understand it. For as long as I can remember, if I miss a night of sleep - be it due to children, parties/alcohol, socialising (different to parties - less alcohol!), or running around the forest, my body clock decides to change it's inherrant time zone, despite being just 30miles from Greenwich.

Saturday Night = zero sleep (though caught up during Sunday).
Sunday Night = a couple of hours of disturbed sleep, followed by nothing.

Now, inside, my body is trying to make up it's mind. At half past two (an hour ago) when I usually get ready to get Jaysen from school, my body poked me and said "School finished three hours ago and it's now 6pm and you MISSED it! Quick, Run to the School! Jaysen is standing alone under a lamp post and the crazies are going to get him! Run, Dan, Run!"

Which of course, was incorrect. I had time to burn, in fact. On the way home from school, my body THEN proceeded to whisper to me, ever so subtle-like "You're taking him home at lunch time and you've got to take him back to school then go get him again as it's only just gone midday! Har Har you suck!"

Again, incorrect.

Maybe it's my body being oh-so-subtle and telling me to have a sleep. BUT if I sleep now, I know full well I will be awake all night trying to get back to sleep. Assuming, of course, that Tam decides to sleep tonight. I am not holding my breath.

Anyways - I entertained myself today with a trip to Asda, and it seems the pensioners of the world had the same idea, and dragged out their extra-heavy trolley things just to bump into me. And to stand in front of me in the queue and pay for their tin of dog food, can of spam and pint of milk with bloody pennies. So that was fun.

And to kill some time, I decided that I'd visit my sad, lonely living room that we neglect (as we don't watch TV) and actually *gasp* ordered a movie. Frank Miller's Sin City is dark, powerful and graphic. I've never been one for graphic novels (which, to me, is just what grown ups call their grown-up comics! It's a comic, not a "Graphic Novel") but I have flicked through a couple of the Sin City ones, and liked what I read. The movie is done in the style of the comics (sorry, "Graphic Novel" *cough*) and comes across really well. Violence, Sex, more Violence - it's a pretty good movie and one I often think "Why don't I own that?".

And so now, with heavy eyelids, a pounding headache, and my bodyclock trying to fool me, I think I will find something else to keep me occupied for 6-8 hours till I can go to bed with dignity ;)

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