OK, so it's not THAT painful, but damn it's sore. Had a really crap night, as I tend to sleep on the left side of my body, but not last night. And sleeping on my right side feels odd for one, but last night it was pulling my face tight. And the headache lingered all night AND I kept feeling sick. Great stuff.

Woke up to streaming sunlight, and the feeling of a knife stuck in the left-side of my head. The bloody headache will not go, drugs or not. So Jo has given me a break and shifted her and the kids to her mums for the day so I can chill, watch some movies and not have Tam smack me in the nose. Three times, no less. And being the smart chap I am, I've itched my nose, realising too late that it's got stitches in it. I've just given it a good clean, and I'm keeping an eye on a couple of parts that look very red.

All in all, I feel pretty pants, and the doc said I might feel rough for a couple of days. The bastards.

Anyways, in other news - I checked my Celebdaq this morning and am now doing diabolically... I'm worth less than I started with, even the weekly payments didn't help - so I've dumped the idiots causing me such big losses, and invested in a few people that might have some stuff going on during the week. This is why I've never invested money - because I am crap at it :D

And to give ya'll something to do...

  • Stupid Quiz: Quite amusing - I only scored 8 out of 11 :(
  • Tube Map - Sponsored: Probably more the the British readers, someone has taken a Tube Map and altered all the names to become brand names. Had me in stitches (ba-da-boom!)
  • Hamster Amusement: Video clip that made Jo laugh like a schoolgirl!
  • Waste of Biscuits: hehe too much time or money...
  • Cow Maze: OK, not in English, but you have to get the cow to the house using the arrows... Entertainment for aaages! Thanks Alan!
That should give you something to do. And mental note - laughing with stitches in the nose is incredibly painful!

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