I'm Bored Being Me

Home by lunchtime? Great stuff Dan!

Not exactly. I'm feeling too icky to do a proper "in depth" post, but suffice to say, my day at the hospital started wobbly, and finished with me suffering from the headache from hell. The highlights of my day (in no particular order),

  • Being booked in twice with different instructions.
  • Having the surgeons debate if this is an "Ears/Nose/Throat problem, or re-refer through Dermatology"
  • Being told that the cyst might not be a cyst, and having it sent to Oncology for checking.
  • Having to wait 2-6 weeks for Oncology to let me know.
  • Having the "small circular wound" become an inch-long incision up my nose so he could "get it all out"
  • Having several needles that made me want to puke.
  • Not being allowed to wear my glasses for TWO weeks.
  • Sitting here with the headache from hell
  • Having my left nostril close up from swelling
There is more (amazingly) but I feel too icky to sit and post about it. So now the worry from having it done has changed to worry of what it is, might be, could be. And I know what Oncology means.

For those that didn't know, the "cyst" was on the left side of the nose and has been there forever. And Minge, Jo wasn't allowed in with me as... er.. Apparently they "don't allow visitors or partners in the day unit". Which pretty much says "tough luck asshole". So I sulked alone.

IT doesn't hurt, the side of my head and face hurts (though it is deffo "ouchie" if I wrinkle my nose). I've got a bitching headache now.

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One Response to “I'm Bored Being Me”

Minge said...

You need something to cheer you up. My I recommend a bottle of champagne, some caviar and, to make you laugh, get Jo to light her farts.