Bye bye voice, we had fun. Miss you.

Yes, I thought it was happening yesterday, but finally it's GONE. Well, aside from some crackly sounds that replace my voice. Ouchie.

Anyways, I was awake at the crack of 5am once again. Feeling ill, back pressed up against a cold wall, and Tam trying her damnest to kick me out of bed. I gave up at about half six when the milkman turned up and I heard his morning mantra of "oops" *smash" as he dropped a pint of milk in the road AGAIN. Of course, the silly tit broke glass on our path the other morning and kicked it onto our lawn which REALLY has me pissed off, so he'll be getting words on Friday when he wants paying.

Tentative footsteps back into D&D have gone well. I was worried none of my players would respond after I dicked them around so much, but all in all, I think I am only waiting on about five or six out of the twenty of so, and in less than 24 hours too!

Valentines Day rolls around once more, and I have opted for the Homemade Card which looks like a child drew it. If she laughs at it, I'll tell her Jaysen drew it for me ;) Hopefully her mum is taking the kids tonight so we can have a quiet meal and evening together, but it depends on how she does for time, what with Chris (Jo's dad) being in hospital still.

Spammer update - seems the tossers are onto a new trick in trying to get onto Heart Support Groups, as I've had a couple of other moderators of different lists tell me they have had similar dealings - same spam, different username, same email domain name: @un.unhcr.co.uk - so I've filtered that email addy. I'm fairly sure the refugee agency don't need me anyway.

And can someone lend me some sandpaper - I think Jo's Buffy DVDs need a clean before she watches them...

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3 Responses to “Heeeeee's”

Minge said...

So - how did Valentine's night go? Did you get some time to yourselves?

Voice returning?

Dan said...

V-Day was great... The kids were shipped off at about 7pm, and Jo did a rather impressive Italian meal. We then managed to sit on the sofa TOGETHER and UNINTERRUPTED to watch a move. Granted, it was Batman Begins, but still ;)

And the voice is still trapped in a small cell somewhere, being prodded by its capteurs (sp?). Give it a few days and it will appear on the front cover of a tabloid ;)

Minge said...

You need to coax that voice out. Get your woman to lick it.