Still Icky

Title says it all really. The Voice (tm) is still no where in sight, er, earshot... Whatever. The head is still trying to turn itself inside out, and the nose is more clogged than a council house toilet.

Of course, only my body chooses to be sick when I not only have a week off from school runs, but also when I am being a social butterfly (well, moth) for once.

Tuesday, being Valentines Day, meant lots of smooching, but there was minimal smoochies to prevent Jo from getting Laryngitus. Score one for the cold, the bastard.

Of course, V-Day wasn't a total wash out. Jo's mum took the kids in the early evening, and Jo set to cooking a rather large italian meal. Luckily we both had Garlic, so it didn't notice when we DID get close to each other! We spent the evening on the sofa (without being BANZAI'd by Jaysen, without being BABBLEBABBLEBABBLE'd by Tamsyn) watching a movie (which we didn't need to pause, and without missing key-plot elements to BANZAI or BABBLEBABBLEBABBLE) and drinking. We saw Batman Begins on pay-per-view as we missed it at the movies. Cool film - don't go in expecting anything like the previous Batman films though, as it's not. THAT'S how I like my superhero movies - dark and gritty, not Tim Burton'ised.

Anyways - Wednesday (Last Night) we had some friends pop over and ended up playing Texas Hold'Em Poker till late. None of us have any real skill, we just play for laughs and the social aspect. Being unable to lie, everyone just assumed that I was lying every time I beefed the bets which did catch me out a lot, but I ended up winning stacks and finishing with the most cash. So yay me! Of course, playing poker sans voice is not the easiest thing in the world.

Tonight we're supposed to be meeting up with my old school friend Stuart who shifted off across the country a few years back and got married - that's where Gemma and her man Peter were reunited and "got it on" as it were. Poor old chap ended up marrying her too... So, got eight months of catching up to do with Stuart, and I have no voice.

Added on top of this, I am loving being back in my D&D email games, and everyone that is playing seems really keen as well - I haven't even LOOKED at World of Warcraft over the last few days, so something is on the right track! No doubt once people get into a posting routine, I'll be able to play games too, but for now, I'm happy just concentrating on getting things rolling again!

And in other minor news - I got my webcam hooked up again - but I can't get it to connect to Camarades at all, so I gave up. If you use YahooMessenger, then you can see it through there when it's on.

Time for another Hot Lemon... And maybe a shower.

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