Thanks to the weather, my mood took a downward turn earlier today. Fed up, grumpy, sick of the clouds and the wind and the rain. It's crap out there today, it really is.

Of course, a couple of things brightened my day, so it's all good now, and I am enjoying some Baileys and music. Ahhh...

More on my interesting searcher from a few days back. While I am really tempted to plaster his IP Address for all to see, I won't do that. I WILL tell you he's American. In the State of Kentucky. In the Town/City of Paducah, and using Comcast. So, if you have a friend that lives there and uses that ISP, it could be someone you know! hehehe Oh, and he/she was browsing at just after midnight - proves the crazy ones DO come out at the witching hour!

For your patronage, I thank you. hehe

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