Spot The Difference

Remember the other day, when I posted about cleaning up my desk - how neat, tidy and clean it was. Well, something happened to that this morning... So we'll play a game to test you, the reader. Sorry Emma, this might be a bit hard for you...

So - here we have the photo from a few days ago. Pay attention:

Got that clear in your head? OK.

Here are some shots from today...

Ta Dah!

Yes, she nearly fell... Oops

That's it, sit like a good girl.

Nooo, that's mine...

Put them back sweetie...

Nooo, there's nothing else for you over THAT side!

So there you have it, answers on a postcard.
She's really taken a shine to my desk. I cleaned it off the other day as she likes to sit on the left-hand corner of it, and then she discovered she likes the shelves - so they were cleared out, then she discovered she likes to stand, so the photos were moved elsewhere, and now she pretty much likes to destroy my DVDs sitting under there and stomp on my keyboard. I've had to stick my speaker down as she kept trying to chuck it into her cot.

Kids eh?

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2 Responses to “Spot The Difference”

Minge said...

Ah, the dear lamb!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I could use a nice and tidy desk... you should come and fix it up for me. Oh, and don't forget the best part... I don't have a cute Tamsyn climbing on my desk either. Don't forget to bring her! LOL... she is adorable! Thanks for the pictures! :-)