Like Chimps At The Zoo

Do Not Feed The Monkies (or should that be "Monkeys"?)

This was taken a few days ago, before both came down with "Random Virus #174-a". Both are hot, both are grouchy, and Tam decided last night to lay down, doze off, then wake up minutes later with a full-on strop. She got about two hours sleep, Jo about the same, me a bit more - but I got up with her at 6.30am as she would NOT settle.

She spent most of the morning asleep on my lap and dribbling, but meh - she slept. Figures, we're supposed to be going out tonight - guess that's off the cards!

Tattoo is healing nicely, thank you very much!

Got my webcam reinstalled too, which I've not used since I literally blew up the last computer, so maybe I will entice some of you over with Live Tam Shows. Assuming she can be convinced to A) Cheer up, and B) Perform on Demand. Don't hold your breath ;)

And to the two old gossips in the shoutbox (Nancy and Emma), YES my hair is fluffy with that manly "Just Washed" look. It was also tied up during the tattoo as it's currently 6-7 inches long, and hair in a tattoo = bad. And the posture is because I am sitting on a chair backwards so Grant can reach over the large lump that is me to reach my upper back.

Like a pair of old washer women, I swear...

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