Blogger On The Fritz

Been reading blogs all morning, and have decided "It's not me" for once. Trying to post has been a nightmare, trying to post comments has been sporadic (Is it working, yes, no... *error*), and now I notice a few others have been having problems too, so it's 100% certainly not me. Some people are losing posts, some aren't getting any notification of a post (only to have twenty posts turn up), some can't post at all...

Unless I broke everything with the pictures of the two ape-children. Which is quite likely.

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2 Responses to “Blogger On The Fritz”

Minge said...

Am I the 20 posts person? LOL!

Dan said...

Maaaay be ;) hehee
And trying to post last night, Blogger was "Down for Repairs" so either it broke, or you broke it!