Morning Has Broken

Well, not broken, more shattered.

"Why Dan, isn't it like 2am there?"

Correct. Well, 2.17am at this moment. Reasoning? Tamsyn is not the most happy baby in the world at this precise moment. Friday Night/Saturday Morning, it would appear, was the trial run for "Baby Refusing To Sleep" and "Baby Refusing To Sleep 2: The Screaming Revenge". Tonight is "Baby Refusing To Sleep 3: This Time, She's Pissed".

She is not a well bunny, and despite a dose of both Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, she is STILL awake, STILL screaming, and now, I've decided to give up on the bed, give up on the sofa, strap her into her buggy (that is as plush as a million-dollar limo) and just let her get on with it. She won't settle, she won't stop crying, no amount of hugs, drugs, space, motion, quiet or music will stop her, so here we are.

I had a long week last week, dealing with Sick Child #1, He Who Started It All Off. Jaysen, luckily, is at Jo's parents tonight otherwise HE would be looking after the little monster. Last week was filled with early mornings (6am starts), followed by sorting him out, followed by day-to-day stuff, on to fun stuff, on to whatever else happened, and finally "Oops it's 1am". Add on top of this a healthy (!!) dose of insomnia, which in turn dragged me back to the hospital with Bethy (thus further pushing sleep aside). This was my weekend of sleep.

You know what they say about the best laid plans...

Of course, this means I will be a complete bastard tomorrow. Er, today. Sunday. Sunday will be spent with me either keeping busy so I don't mess with the sleep schedule, or napping on the sofa. Either way, you can bet that come bedtime I will wake up, have a crap night, and low and behold, Monday = School Day, which means the early days start over for five straight days.

Easy Solution? Pffft, no such thing, I'm afraid. Grin and bear it, and heaven forbid anyone that crosses me this week - I am going to be a moody puppy, I know it!

And yes, she's still crying.

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