Pretty Much Done

Well, I think that is pretty much everything sorted. Laptop crashed on me twice, and my HTML editing is rustier than a rusty gate covered in rust, but I am 99% certain everything works. Have a play around, and if you find anything not functioning, lemmie know.

Had to change my profile picture as this template doesn't resize - which isn't an issue as Calvin is better up there than my mug.

Recolours the Tagboard thingie so it sort of blends in - but I'm not completely sure of that - another joy of colourblindness.

The rest of this post you can ignore - just checking the functions of lists, quotes, images and whatnot.

Numbered List:

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Bullet List:
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A wise man once said:
CANBERRA (Reuters) - A tiger's roar might be scary, but Australian researchers have found that the predator's poo is just as potent.

Researchers at the University of Queensland said Friday they had successfully tested a tiger poo repellant, warding off wild goats for at least three days.

"Goats wouldn't have seen a tiger from an evolutionary point of view for at least 15 generations but they recognize the smell of the predator," repellent creator Peter Murray said in a statement.

"If we can show this lasts weeks ... we've just tapped into probably a billion-dollar market. It's enormous," he said.

Murray said the repellant, made of fatty acids and sulphurous compounds extracted from tiger excrement, also worked on feral pigs, kangaroos and rabbits and might deter deer, horses and cattle too.

In an average year pest animals cause about A$420 million (US$311 million) worth of agricultural damage in Australia the government has said. Others put the cost in the billions, mostly from European imports such as rabbits, foxes and crop-choking weeds.

And a photo:

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