Holy Crap

Figured I would do my daily ritual of seeing Who-Comes-From-Where on my stat counting account. Quite interesting, seeing if I can guess who is who from their world location, seeing what countries people are reading in, how long they stay for, where they come from... And, if they come from a search engine, how they find me.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw this on the report page:

Yeah - check that first line... I could not believe it!

So, detective hat on, I checked googled that phrase - no sign of my blog. Checked the info - and it came from MSN. So, I off I went, used their search engine...

Result NUMBER TWO on the whole list of over 250. I am SO glad I don't use AdSense (those annoying Google Ads) as who-only knows what it'll drag out on my blog!!

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One Response to “Holy Crap”

Minge said...

Hey, go to www/msn.com and type the morbid adventures of minge in the search field. Look what comes up as the sixth result!