As has been the case since we lost Bethy, the snow reminds us (and a lot of people across the country!) of her. The day she passed away, we had to travel across London to the registrar office, and as we left that afternoon, the skies opened, and lumps of snow hit us as we stood there waiting for a taxi. Over the course of the next week, it seemed every time one of us sat thinking about her, the skies darkened and down came the snow. Since Tuesday people have been letting me know that they have snow and Bethy is flapping her wings for them. Tuesday afternoon, just after 12.20, we had a small flurry, but today, it's been snowing since I got up! It's not settling, but it's nice to look out and see it, thinking of Bethy messing around and playing in the snow...

Anyways, all is quiet here for a change. Well, aside from the Dutch Trance thumping on my speakers ;) My hair is getting longer, I'm thinking about my next tattoo, my money in Celebdaq has plummetted (so much for beginners luck!), my mobile phone is quiet, and I'm all caught up on my game posts. The cats aren't impressed with the weather, but the dog doesn't care.

Read this and had to chuckle - I used to live a couple of miles from a pig farm, and in the summer with the right wind conditions, you could smell it, so this must have been amusing!

Spent some of the morning updating my site, only to have Frontpage crash on me mid-edit (and pre-save!) so all the minor changes I made are gone and I really can't be bothered to start over. More fool me for not using CSS - but as I don't really understand it, I'll just leave it be. One day, maybe :)

I just know that Jo will get up today and "suggest" we go shopping. I say "suggest" as it's usually "We're going out", and I could be all tough and manly and refuse and tell her to learn her place, but I really don't like getting smacked around ;) She knows my weak points and uses them to the best of her ability.

Women, they're all evil.

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