That's Enough...

I've lost count of how long I've been ill. I'm not even sure how many days I've been without my voice, but I am getting fed up with it. I want to feel better again dammit.

I can handle being ill for a couple of days, but like to feel better after the third. I can't remember what it feels like to be not-ill anymore, and now I am getting more and more grouchy. My throat is killing me (despite sore-throat meds), my nose is plugged, and this bloody head is driving me nuts. I'm grouchy and would be snappy were my voice intact. One minute I am hot and sweaty, and the next I am shivering - and this is usually dictated by "If I wrap up I get cold" or "If I open a window I get hot".

I've given up on the hot lemons and stuff - I drink em (and they taste like crap), feel kinda better for half an hour, then have to wait over five hours for the next one. So sod em. I'll go without the grossness.

Meh, you can ignore me - I'm going to watch DVDs all day. And joy of joy - Jaysen is back to school tomorrow, so I HAVE to be up early, which means that despite waking up at 6am all this week, I'll struggle to get up in the morning.

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