Where Can I Hide?

Well, tomorrow morning bright and early, I have to be at the local hospital to have my nose sorted out... I've had what I thought was a mole on there for the last, er... blimey, since I was at school, so 14 years? More? Anyways, turns out the bugger is a cyst, and tomorrow it's coming off.

But I am dreading it. Every single moment leading up to tomorrow is filled with fear.

I am a big fat coward, I admit that. It takes a lot to make me squeamish, and I only have a couple of phobies. Needles being stuck in me is one, and I discovered that having bits of me cut off before my very eyes is another. This cyst is on my nose in my field of view of my left eye. Local anaesthetic, which means lots of needles into the nose before my very eyes. And then there's the whole choppity chop chop.

I just got off the phone with the nurse, and she has said if I get really nervous, then I can have a sedative to induce amnesia. Great. Also, Jo isn't allowed in there with me at all, so I have to spend my day on a ward that will likely be filled with old people that stink of pee and crazy oldies.

Added to this, I am going to need supervision for 24 hours once I am home as I will "likely get sick" which is ever so comforting. I get knackered all this week, stressed out for Friday, spend the weekend ill - and then start school runs on Monday all over again. What do I need to do to get a break?!

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4 Responses to “Where Can I Hide?”

Anonymous said...


Poor you Dan, been there once before when I broke my nose in a car crash and needed it straightening, but you will be Fine, All I have to do is think of all the stuff our Brave Heart Kids go through and that seems to help.. Sending you loads of hugs.

I suggest that you pull Jaysen out of school for a week and have a good holiday, by god you need it..

Love to you all

The Random One said...

Aww... you'll be fine :)

Wait.. who am I to say that? Ha, I don't even like Drs... Well... then... good luck!

Minge said...

I hope you're having a fun-filled time at the hospital. Phyllis has a thing on his nose, too, but refuses to get it lopped off! You're very brave.

Why can't Jo be with you for the procedure? Ian had a growth lopped off of his leg about five years ago and I was allowed to watch. It was vile.

Dan said...

Debs: A holiday might be on the cards for April - assuming England doesn't sink or something by then to prevent it!

Christine: thanks, I hate doctors too ;)

Minge: Might be worth him getting it checked - after all, if I had left this and it DOES turn out to be something nasty, well... And apparently hospital policy for the Day Unit allows no guests or visitors. Pah.