A Day In The Life

You know, in this house, you just cannot take a breather. Tomorrow I've got the whole cyst-removal thing going on, so this evening, I had planned to get take away, watch a movie, reply to some mails - you know, have a rest - I have to be up there at 7.45am, and figured an early night would be on the cards...

Oooooh no you don't, Dan...

Me (7pm) - Jaysen, time for bed.
Jaysen (Looking... odd) - Can I have a cotton bud to clean my ear please, it's itchy.
Me - Er, no. You don't do your own ears.
Jaysen - *wanders off upstairs, but something tells me.....*
Jaysen (calling from upstairs) - I've got a little problem.
Turns out, Smarty Pants decided to "accidentally" insert a stone into his left ear. Then he used his finger to get it out, but only pushed it in further. THEN he used a cotton bud he pilfered to try and pull it out, and guess what - pushed it even further back.

Well, sod trying to pull it out ourselves, we resign ourselves to a trip to the local Casualty (ER). A place not know for it's speedy service. After all, what's February without a trip to a hospital in this house.

So we sit. And sit and sit. It's a typical emergency room, with someone bleeding, someone moaning, someone coughing everywhere, and a crying baby. JOY. We get there at about 7.30pm, seen by Triage pretty fast, and... stop. And bear in mind, they have a policy to get the kids seen quicker.

9.45pm we're finally called, and sit for another ten minutes. Then in comes a nurse who I am SURE found his medical degree. He has a look. "I don't see anything in there". Now, HE is looking with a light-up pokey-in-the-ear thing, while WE can see this thing without any jiggery pokery. It's a rock. It's in his ear. Fetch doc, fetch. Out come the fine-point tweezers, and cue the wailing and screaming from Jaysen who is apparently in some pain. Doc grabs and pulls, and out comes a rock.

Well, PART of a rock. And what does he say? "Just some ear wax" I blink, Jo blinks, we exchange a look, Jaysen cries, Doc has another peek. "Hmmm still something in there" and another rooting session, and screams of blue murder from Jaysen, out comes a second 'thing'. "Ahhh there it is" says the doc, putting this little black THING on a tissue. I mean, it's smaller than a peppercorn, while the other thing might as well be a brick.

He decides all is done, tells us to go home (along with sobbing Jaysen). As soon as his back is turned, me and Jo check the first lump, the "ear wax", and it is SO a lump of rock. There are no two ways about it, it's a triangular, solid, rocky bit of rock - as is the small black thingie too.

So now we're home, he's still unhappy but cheering up, and me and Jo haven't eaten yet. And it's half ten.

Anyone fancy a go at being me? I swear it's fun fun fun!

Oh - and we kept the rock - I will photograph it and it's little friend for prosperity tomorrow and post it :)

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2 Responses to “A Day In The Life”

Minge said...

What a nightmare! Good luck for tomorrow. Is your wee boy now tucked up in bed, sound asleep? If you've still not eaten, go out for a Chinese take-out. It'll make you feel a whole lot better.

Dan said...

hehehe by that time, he was sound asleep thanks to Calpol! We ended up with pizza too :)