In The World of Dan...

...The Healthy Man is King.

Hard to believe it, but I am sick as a dog again. But - you may ask - am I doing up after 1.30am? Ho ho, that's the question. Thanks to you bloody neighbours out there, we are currently listening to a mix tape of some shit from the 90s. Tam doesn't like it, Jaysen doesn't like it, and Jo doesn't like it.

And would you believe the Police can't do anything about it at all? I've bounced from pillar to post and to and fro, and finally managed to get it reported via the Council and Environmental Health. Now, I can handle loud music - but not at 1am. Especially when I feel like complete and utter crap.

And onto the germs. The ever-present headache is stil, ah, ever-present. I'm blocked up, have a voice that is again on it's way out, fluctuating from boiling hot to freezing cold, coughing and spluttering... Oh the joy. Jaysen came home from school early yesterday (Friday) and he's poorly too, and once again, Tam is getting it.

As usual, people decided to share their sick kids with us, one with the flu and nasty tummy, and the other with Chicken Pox. Which I've never had. So YAY there also. The trouble is, my skin is so freckly and moley, I can't see what is what. I've the complexion of a ginger person. So knowing my luck, I'm getting that.

In other news, every man and his dog has either broken their computer or wanted it upgrading. And of course, every man and his dog turns to ME. Now, I can handle it if people say "If you've got time, could you have a look at this, or fix that" but of late, people have been DEMANDING repairs, upgrades, and Dan Tech Support. Some people will say "Thanks mate, here's £50", and others will say "Cheers, have a crate of beer" but fewer and fewer people have even said "thank you". And it's never anything easy - it's usually a stripdown of a system to try pinpoint the issue. The last one I worked on I started it at 830am, and didn't give up till 1030pm - only to restart the following morning at 830am and finally finished it at about midday. Eighteen hours on one machine, for free, without thanks?! I'm telling people to call a "professional" in future. If they can't make ANY attempt at thanks, then they can find out what it would cost them normally.

Ignore me grumbling - I feel ill and don't like arrogant bastard neighbours. Even through the double glazing I can hear the song lyrics perfectly.

Anyways - while I've been vegging in the lounge watch TV, I've got no links to share, no amusing news stories, and am waaaay behind in my mails.

Oh bloody hell - I think I hear someone singing along via mic.....

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