The Movies!

I know, I know, another post from me - this is what happens when I get so busy and/or poorly and don't have time to post! hehe

Jo grabbed a couple of DVDs a few days ago, and where we're both knackered, instead of doing useful stuff (gaming/housework/etc) we just vegged out. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was, ah... Well, if you're a Potter-fan, you will probably hate me, but for goodness sake, a kids film at over two and a half hours!? I've read books one, two and three (Philosophers Stone*, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azka-thingie), but got bored. I mean *bored*. Book three was just a yawn-fest, and when Jo got #4 and it was the size of 1+2+half of 3, I thought "bugger it, wait for the movie". From what Jo has told me, they've taken the book, and chopped out some key points for the follow on books, they've hashed around with this and that, and tried to cram a huge book into one movie. Jaysen got bored (Jaysen who loves Harry Potter) and OPTED to go to bed. Really really did not enjoy it. At all. I dread to think about the next ones. I think JK Rowling is just churning them out now.

Hate me? meh.

Last night after the dust settled, we sat down to watch Lord of War. Nicholas Cage is a top chap anyway, and a film about arms dealing - well, can't be bad. And it wasn't. Despite it being about him being a big time Arms Dealer, it's not all bombs and guns and murder. It is very political, and based on actual events (OK, granted, that's a lose term these days anyway, but still). But, never the less, it was a good watch. I will say that Jo didn't like it - she does not like films that are politcal, and was bored through out, but hey - she made me watch Harry Potter. Which she didn't like either. hehe

As for up and coming, the summer/autumn should be busy busy busy at the movies. I will continue to rant and rave about how great a book The Da Vinci Code is, and can't wait for the movie. Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon - I am slowly coming around. A new trailer was added yesterday (which you can watch here at low quality, or if you can find it on the official site), and makes him seem better in the role for me.

Other than that - we've got plenty to look forward to:

Yeah, a lot then ;)

Edit: Thanks to Joansy, me and Jo now also want to see Nacho Libre. So I've added that to the list as well! hehe

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3 Responses to “The Movies!”

joansy said...

Don't forget Nacho Libre !!

Dan said...

Ooooh nice :) Just watched the trailer and sat here chuckling away.

I think Jo likes Jack Black as she is into wobbly men ;)

Alan Fisher said...

Ah... Harry Potter. I'm a huge Potter fan but I have to say that the latest offering (Half Blood Prince) was shoddy in the least.... I think she's positioning the characters for the final show down.