Stuff To Pass The Time

I suppose I am doing what Christine calls "Pulling a Dan" with a plethora (heh) of posts in a short space of time. Unlike her spamming posts ;) The house is quiet, Jo is shopping, we're not due any more guests today (I hope!) and I am chilling before the school run, so in true Me style, here are some links.

  • Dragon Illusion - I sooo want. Looks dull, but check the video link on the bottom-right of the screen to see it in action.
  • Google Oops - Kid works out how to make a fake news story about Google, and is surprised when Google picks it up!
  • $39 Dollar Experiment - Take $39 of stamps, and send letters to people to ask for free stuff, trying to earn more money...
  • Fun With Lego - People+Too Much Free Time. I'm only jealous, of course.
  • Freaky Arse Cats - Seriously... I know cats are evil, but this...
  • Rather Dumb Dog - I can understand some dogs being protective of their food, but, hmmmm.
  • Game: Flow - Rather odd. I suggest the very short instruction page, but nice to chill out to
  • Game: String - Guide the string around the maze. Play BEFORE Flow (above) so you can destress afterwards! heh
More than enough to keep you occupied for minutes... I might have linked the dogs and cats before, but meh, they still make me chuckle, and I am too lazy to check my archive! hehe

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