A Quiet Day?!

Pffft not likely - the Cable is on the fritz, so I have to wait in for an engineer who "should arrive between 8am-12pm" And if I happen to be out, they charge £15. Of course, my biggest concern is that it is someone I used to work with and dislike. Those that have known me for a while will know, before we started on the Bethy trail, before I started on the "Bye Bye Spine" trail, even before the "You Have A Son Named Jaysen" trail - I worked for this cable company.

And let me tell you, it was hell. 14 hour days 6 days a week, doing management work on normal spod pay, arrogant senior staff - I hated every moment of that company. Of course, once I went of sick, it got worse, and they tried *everything* to force me back to work, even tried to have their docs tell MY docs it was all psychological. Amazing, with the power of my mind, I made an MRI miss parts of my back. Go Me.

Anyways - I used to get stressed in there, and on the day they said (while I was off sick) "We're relocating our department, you're all fired" I felt soooo good. And the funniest thing - I had been there seven years, but had spent five off sick - they were only going to pay me for the two years I was present, and after some legal wrangling, as I was full-time employed BUT off due to medical reasons, I was entitled to full pay.

Up Yours lads. If they had let me go after the first year - like they were told originally by doctors and consultants - they would have paid me much less!

So, yes, the cable - which has been farting around for weeks now - should be repaired today. Of course, the box is one of the oldest in Basildon - I was one of the first to trail the Digital Cable in the area (being staff) and it's that same box we have today. It's survived two moves, fire and flood, and NOW is on it's way out. Fingers crossed for a new spanky one ;)

Other stuff... Well, after the non-stop week I've had I am in Hurtyville, but that's pretty much nothing new. My StatCounter is picking up some really interesting people, like the chap in the town of Pittsford, NY, USA who found my blog with the search "will my nose stop drugs". Good luck with that one. And the chap in Winnipeg, Canada, that found me thanks to the "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep" below. He probably read it on a real news outlet and did a search ;) There's also someone that searched for "Blood in Eye Stings", and someone else that might be looking for Jo's older brother, with a search for "Grant.Baylis@" - probably someone wanting money from him!

Ahhh the internet - it's a crazy crazy place, populated with crazy crazy people... hehehe

(and is this pulling a Dan? hehe)

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