Holy Exhaustion Batman!

I think the last few weeks finally caught up with me. Interestingly, they caught up with me as I woke up this morning. After my usual restless night, I woke up to turn of the alarm, and thought I was going to be sick. Then I am sure someone put an axe through my head which made me feel even more sick AND I now have the headach from hell back once more. I don't even ache anymore, I actually hurt.

Lucky me.

On the brightside, Jo and her mum were off out early this morning, so Jo made me get back into bed, and sorted out Jaysen. Ruths fella, Paul, took the kids in this morning, so I have pretty much the rest of the day to recuperate. It's 10.20am, and I am not even dressed. I've not even done my hair! I've read some mails, posted for my games, and am now considering the trek from Chair to Kitchen to get some breakfast and a coffee. It's a tough journey, fraught with dangers of wild beast, but with the right frame of mind, I should be able to make the twenty, maybe twenty five feet journey.

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