Tams Day

So, Tamsyn is now one year and one day old. Time flies, eh? The little monkey did not stop at all yesterday, and was posing for pictures while tearing and playng with wrapping paper, enjoying her noisy toys, having fun on her Pooh Bear ride on thingie, scoffing chocolate cake... It was non-stop, and the last people left just after 9pm. Ten minutes later, Tam promptly nodded off and slept through virtually all night, till 8.30am. I think that's some kind of record!

Anyways, I was clicking away with the camera all day, and considered putting all the pictures on here, then realised the sheer volume of images would slow it down even more - so put them up on their own page. If you're on dial up (ie, you still live in the stoneage), then the page might take a while to load.

And now she's a year older, does she feel any different? Well, she's certainly a little bit prettier, that's for sure...

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