Teeth... Gnashing...

So I was out last night from about 5pm. I had to go install a network, backup a system, upgrade a computer and reinstall it. Well, the weather should have been a big clue. First of the network card was on the fritz, so the network install didn't happen. Which in turn meant I couldn't do the backup. Which in turn meant I couldn't do a reinstall, so it ended up being a "straight upgrade". Well, by that point, I KNEW it'd go wrong.

So I strip the case, reinstall all the new hardware, connect up the drives, go to plug in the graphics card... And it's the wrong motherboard. PCIexpress and not AGP as ordered. So the guy who's computer I am fixing just says "Put it back the way it was till we get a new card."

Bear in mind I'm still hurting from Sunday - joints are killing me, back is hurting - you know, owie. So I am on my hands and knees hunched over a computer case on the floor, twisting for parts and bits and bobs. I didn't get in till 9pm, so today am really suffering.

I'm supposed to be in two places tonight - Hospital for check on the nose, and school for parents evening - I might just blow out the hospital over school. Oh, and for laughs, the doc on Monday slapped a peice of Micropore on my nose, so I've gone from "Ugly with a lump" to "Ugly with a wound" and now "Ugly with tape". Joy.


And my personal all time new favorite webpage:
  • BOOBIES! An interesting "simulation" that shows why women need proper support...
Genius. Pure genius. AND informative, so it doesn't fall into the "Creepy Perv" category ;)

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