The Wanderer

Tam is now walking pretty much most of the time now. She totters around the dining room and kitchen (when it's not hot, that is), as well as the bedrooms and lounge. Crawling is still the faster mode of travel, but we're alternating between the two, with walking for heading into Trouble Making. The tumble dryer is a favorite item to open and empty.

Anyways, for those that want to see it, there is a small file of Tamsyn wandering between me and Jo. There's no sound so you foreign types can't take the piss. And ignore the Huge Hulking Beast in the background. I know I need to brush my hair and lose some weight ;) You will need Quicktime to view it as usual.

Anyways, with her new-found freedom, she is finding all the different hidey-holes she can, but her current favorite seems to be the adventure park that is under my desk...

And people wonder why we call her "monkey". You will have to excuse the red-eye though. Sure she's evil, but it's very dark under the desk, even with the lights on in the room, so the mega-flash made her look more satanic thank usual!

Hard to believe the little monkey is one year old on Tuesday...

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