Clearly my post yesterday about The Da Vinci Code was not read by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

'What's The Real Agenda?'

Newly-discovered ancient texts and conspiracy theories cannot undermine the truth of the Gospel, the Archbishop Of Canterbury has said.

In his Easter Sunday sermon, Dr Rowan Williams said Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code might appeal to people's sense of mystery, but did not match up to the real challenges posed by the Resurrection.

He also said the recently uncovered Coptic text of a Gospel of Judas was a late text which said nothing new.

He said: "You'll recognise the style, of course, from the saturation coverage of the Da Vinci Code literature.

"We are instantly fascinated by the suggestion of conspiracies and cover-ups.

"This has become so much the stuff of our imagination these days that it is natural, it seems, to expect it when we turn to ancient texts, especially biblical texts."

He added: "As someone remarked after a television programme about the Da Vinci Code, it's almost that we'd prefer to believe something like this instead of the prosaic reality.

"So that the modern response to the proclamation 'Christ is risen!' is likely to be 'Ah, but you would say that wouldn't you. Now what's the real agenda?'."
Maybe he will apologise later ;)

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