Celebs Suck

It's true, they do. It doesn't matter where the hell I invest my money, that person/persons vanish for weeks on end, then all of a sudden, I notice the bastards I ditched are huge and everyone wants em. Remind me to never ever play on the stock market. However, it's not all doom and gloom - well, it is for me, but there is someone in the group worse off. Much worse.

Stickinicki - what on earth happened? You were sitting on a massive profit at one point, and now, I'm only three grand behind you. Youcallmemadam (Phylis) has flown off with over a half-million, and Minge has just over a hundred thousand. Alan is doing rather well with just over eighty grand. And then there's Nicki on fifteen grand, and me FINALLY getting out of the starting blocks (again) with a whole twelve grand.

Go me. I hope the rest of you go broke! hehe

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2 Responses to “Celebs Suck”

joansy said...

I'm at 379,236. Not bad.
I've been getting nice dividends from some folks I don't know:
Tina O'Brien
Pete Burns
It's a little silly that I get so excited when I read that Tom Cruise is going to eat a placenta. It would normally make me sick, but now I just think "wow, that'll be great for dividends."

Minge said...

Nicola's got that wad of notes symbol next to her. That's worth a million quid! The little bitch!