I found a nifty little site the other day, and have been playing around with it since then. With technology slowly getting more and more interesting, this one has me chuckling away. Get a picture of yourself - large format, face-forwards - and upload it to this site. It then scans the image, and spits out which celeb you physically resemble from your facial structure, plus your genetic structure. How it can claim to know your genetics is a little ahead of me, but hey.

And wouldn't you know it. I have no pictures of me facing fowards. None. And golly gosh darn it - I can't take a picture of myself. And I am too lazy to turn on the webcam. Yeah yeah, excuses excuses. So, what did I do? I took the three bloggers I read the most, plus Jo!





And for the record:
  • Jo = Adriana Lima: Supermodel, Clothing Model, Lingere Model...
  • Christine = Tarja Turunen: Classical, Opera and now Pop Singer - from Finland
  • Alan = Carl Sagan: Astronomer, Astrologist, Author
  • Minge = Avram Hershko: Smarty-Pants Israeli Biologist
Maybe in the coming days *cough*years*cough* I will get my own picture up and scanned. Of course, knowing my luck...

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