A Wrong Must Be Righted

That's it. I can remain silent on the issue no more. Never again will someone believe one thing when the opposite is true.

Several people have mentioned to me over the weekend that they hope the house survives, that it survives Hurrican Dan and Tropical Storm Jaysen, and that Jo has a house to come home to on Monday. This, I must point out, is a very wrong statement.

You see, I am a Virgo, and while I don't tend to go for that Horoscope crap, there are aspects that are correct - if you recall my post on the matter a while back. You see, I like things done in a certain order and a certain way, without someone interfering or messing it up as I go. When Jo is gone, I spend half an hour chilling out, and then it starts. The laundry (which we are notorious for letting stack up) gets collected, the bedrooms are emptied of mugs and glasses (night time drinks) which collect dust, and all dirty washing up is done. The washing machine and tumble dryer start at 7am each morning, and usually get bored around midnight of the constant droning sound. That washing THEN gets folded and put away. Which is more than can be said for some people in this house.

You see, I'm one of these modern men. I can sew (though I hate to), I can iron, I know what all the symbols mean on laundry labels, and I have to show Her how to use the Washing Machine, Microwave, Food Processor and various other kitchen appliances.

And have you ever watched a left-handed person slice bread? It's like a murder scene.

At writing this, I have two loads of laundry left to do, and the machine hasn't stopped much all weekend.

Not to mention my insomnia is flaring up again. It started earlier this week, but now it's in full effect. The last few nights it's been bed at one or two in the morning, where I read, watch a DVD, wrestle with my thoughts (shhh you pervs), maybe get up to check my mail, wander the house - and it's then 4am. I get to sleep and for whatever reason, I am awake again at 6-7am.

The last couple of nights I've had a few drinks (didn't help, trying again as I write this!), had dinner at 4pm and not had anything to eat for the evening, had the radio on quietly, lights on, lights off... It'll roll around to Thursday and I will sleep for 18 hours, I know it.

And of course, Jaysen goes back to school Wednesday - you can bet that's when the tiredness will kick in!

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