Season Ticket To ER

Jaysen goes back to school tomorrow morning, after his Easter Break.

But wait.

Our son is one of these people that Accident Claim Specialists nurture into adulthood. I swear I was never this bad. Ever. It's bedtime - again - and Jaysen is screwing around - again. Jo is on the phone to one of her mates from the weekend, when there is a crash-bang-wollop - and Jaysen is crumpled at the bottom of the stairs. She hefts him up, he's crying and making a fuss, when low and behold, there it is - the hole in his bum.

No, not that one, a NEW one. Probably an inch or an inch-and-a-half in diameter on the bottom part of his left cheek. See, for the last few months, there has been a computer case at the bottom of our stairs. I'm not even sure who it belongs to, it sort of appeared one day and has kind of sat there since. Anyway, Jaysen messes around at bed time. 7.30pm, bedtime. 7.40pm, need a drink. 7.45pm, need a wee. 7.55pm, forgot to ask a question, 8.05pm, need a another wee. And on and on. Already this evening, he's been up twice, so the third time, he was "sneaking".

Well, now he's off to the hospital to see what they say. It looks like a bullet hole on his butt cheek, but isn't bleeding much being that it's meaty flesh. There's really nothing to stitch except maybe a gash coming out the wound itself. I see steristrips and padding to be honest. Plus, I think he might need a tetanus jab which I KNOW he's going to hate.

Ahhh de ja vu - Jaysen is due back at school after a holiday, and ends up going to hospital on the night of the last day. And it's ALWAYS the night. His meningitus scare when he was a baby, EVERYTHING with Bethy was at night - never at lunch time, or mid-morning.

It's odd, it's been a day of hospitals. One of Jo's friends from the weekend had to shoot off early as his son was very poorly - he sent her a message today telling her it is some kind of nasty food allergy - so he's in hospital. Our friend Paul also ended up in hospital with a reaction to something and he's not well. Our friend Ruth was savaged by her bunny today, so she needed to get her injuries cleaned and a tetanus jab. You know how dangerous those rabbits can be.

Jo and Ruth were gassing on the phone, and one of them said "these things always come in threes at least". Smoooooth, well done girlies.

At least I didn't win the lottery. *cough*

hehe Jaysen cut his bum, and might need a tetanus injection...

So, I am here with a baby that was overjoyed at being back with Mummy - mummy who has now shot off into the night without warning. She's very impressed (Tam, not Jo - but then, she's not to impressed either!) and is beside whinging as only Tam can.

Fingers crossed Triage takes a look, puts a dressing on it and tells them to piss off and be back home within an hour, but I am sooo not holding my breath.

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One Response to “Season Ticket To ER”

Minge said...

So - did triage tell them to piss off?