As suggested by people, I did the face recognition jobbie on the photo of the four of us during one Xmas.

OK, Jaysen comes out with someone with a similar first name, Jo gets a relatively sexy movie star, and Bethy gets an actress that everyone has heard of. Me. David Beckham, footballer. Buggeration.

Think I would have actually preferred the hippo. *cry*

Jaysen: Jay Chou: musician, classical piano, arty stuff
Jo: Reese Witherspoon: Hollywood Actress
Me: David Bloody Beckham: Footballer
Bethy: Brigitte Bardot: Holywood Icon

Of course, I didn't realise you could do pictures with multiple faces. And sooo many people have been asking for the link to the site, it's not just me that wants to play. If you go to MyHeritage, you can start messing around. You go through the motions of uploading your image, then before you get your results, they throw a "You must sign up" jobbie in front of you - it doesn't cost anything, and I used my junkmail addy, so if they want to spam, let em. But there's not limit to how many pictures you can scan!

Have fun with it.

Oh, and Christine, you may have uploaded a whole ten quizzes, but me and a friend sat here Sunday afternoon and did them ALL. Except I know when to stop uploading things and don't break my blog as a result heheh ;)

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