Short and not too sweet post.

Computer. Nearly threw the bloody thing out the window, everything - EVERYTHING - I tested worked fine, put it back together and it worked. So confused about that, all working as it was. So.

Jo is still sick as a dog - not really seen her much since Thursday evening as she's been in bed. Kids both have snotty colds.

And lastly - I got in trouble and escorted from our shopping center yesterday after screaming blue murder at someone trying to force religion down my throat. Doesn't sound like me? It wasn't that he was "selling" his religion.

It was that he blamed me for losing Bethany.

So, suffice to say, I was a rather upset bunny. How I did not beat up the little shitbag is beyond me, but I caused enough of a scene to have a security guard larger than me escort me out.

But more on that later. I'm still in a mood since then. Later.

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3 Responses to “Balls”

Anonymous said...

You exercised restrant that I dont know I would have.
Sorry you ran into such a F&#*er. Misery likes company I guess.
Its not your fault and I hope you dont take any of what he said to heart

The Random One said...

On one hand... that guy deserved to be punched. On the other, nice restraining yourself.

What an arse. Hopefully you won't have to run into that again. Ever.

Hope everyone feels better.

Anonymous said...

should follow your own advice - poke them right in the eye! Sorry you are having a bad time.