So the kids are gone, the music is thumping out of my computer, and we're chilling out. Reasoning? We're heading out tonight for a drinking session. Now, I don't mean we're heading out with the intention to get completely hammered - I don't like being waaay drunk - but we've got a nice selection of alcoholic drinkies to get us going. Tonight will be me and Jo, heading to Ruths (who has Paul over for the weekend), so we can sit, chill and have a laugh. I love me kids to bits, but every now and then, I like to be an adult and socialise with adults without any kiddies running around. Just because I am the same mental age doesn't mean a thing!

We've got the basics covered - Beer (Becks), Girlie Wine (Lambrini, Original and Cherry), and Vodka+Red Bull, as well as a couple of other things here and there. I have my Absinthe - which I do not guzzle and savour, we have Mars Milkshake that we mix with Dooleys Toffee Liquor, and we have Malibu that we mix with milk. Now, don't see that list and think "Dan, if you drink all that your liver will move out" because the perils of mixing drinks are VERY well known to me. Trust me. The girls don't touch beer (they hate it), and the boys don't like Lambrini - for goodness sake, they have a champagne flavour. Anyway, Jo hates coconut so leaves the Malibu. Everyone bar me hates the Absinthe, I'm not in a vodka mood, and Paul will probably leave the Dooleys.

Confused? Me and Ruth drink coffee while this all goes on!

Edit! The Mars+Dooleys: Pint Glass, two or three inches of Dooleys, fill up with Mars Drink. Same for Malibu and Milk. The Absinthe I drink either straight (One is deadly) or more often, with cold water and sugar. And no hallucinations yet!

So anyway... Tonight we will have my Kick Ass Moves DVD on in the background, while playing a drinking game called - marvellously - Throw Up. It's very amusing - the box has a little pewter figurine of a drunken chap. The game is easy enough, you clap your hands, then thump the table, then clap, then thump, over and over. On a clap, you have to say a word - any word. The person after you has to come up with any other word beginning with the last letter of the word just given. So I'd say BOY, Jo would say Yellow, Ruth would say Wiggle, and so on. Paul will mess it up (for example), so Paul takes the drunk chappie and "rolls" him. Depending on how the little chaps lands defines what happens:

  • Back: Thrower takes a large drink
  • Left Side: You + Player to the Left take a large drink
  • Right Side: You + Player to the Right...
  • Face Down: Choose another player to take a large drink
  • Standing: Everyone takes a drink
  • Falls Off The Table: Finish your entire drink
And in true drinking-game fashion, the more mistakes you make causes more mistakes and more drunkeness.

Vicious Circle, anyone ;)

So, tonight it is quite likely I will come in and pour even MORE crap on here than usual, or I will vanish for two to three days. Oh, and for someone that asked about a drink mix I put on here a while back, it was for a drink called a "Dirty Vimto". A large measure of Port, then a bottle of WKD Blue. Lovely.

Just don't try this if you're too young to drink, you'll end up looking like Father Jack up there... Trust me, I know - I went to a fancy dress as him once. hehe

Have a good night everyone!

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3 Responses to “Drink!”

Dan said...

I am neither a Lambrini Girl nor a Lambrini Guy. I tried some of Jo's drink last night just to see if maybe I was being overly paranoid or remembering something I had drunk before, but nope, it was exactly how I remembered it.


Alan Fisher said...

I got drunk just reading that!

Dan said...

Well we had a blast, without any sick or hangovers... I suspect had we mixed more drinks, things would have gotten rather... carrot-splattered.