Drunk and (Dis)Orderly

We had a bloody good time last night, and contrary to what a certain still hugely pregnant sister says, we all had a lot to drink. Between me and Paul, we did the better part of two crates of Becks, while the girlies polished off the wine and spirits.

The drinking game was a blast, and as we were all half-cut when we started, we didn't do very well. Or, if drinking = scoring, we did bloody well. Of course, when the giggles kicks in and someone says the same word all the time, it gets interesting... The ONLY word I could ever think of starting with "E" was Engine. Jo used Orange an awful lot, Ruth had a Yeti, and Paul had his Eskimo. Of course, it got to the point where everyone was laughing so much you couldn't hear what was said, and either had to accept defeat, or blurt out a random word and hope for the best.

We got in sometime around half two, and I was up and about by nine this morning. Jo had to be convinced to wake up at eleven, much to her chargrin. No one has a hang over though, so I can't work my charms someone feeling delicate... Pah.

Of course, I have a hankering for a fried egg sandwich.

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