Fruit Consumption

So, last night I was chatting with a friend - who at this point will remain nameless - who was sitting and eating Raspberries. And when I say eating, I mean that she had an entire punnet. Now, granted, Raspberries are very nice, but I pointed out that too much fruit can make you ill.

Bear in mind she also had various bits of fruit during the day as well. And again I pointed out she'd be ill.

Well, 10pm rolls around and she had to "rush off" quickly, and came back 15 minutes later after being violently sick.

And while she wouldn't let me say it last night, I am taking this opportunity to say "I TOLD YOU SO". Now, my friend is remaining nameless unless she decides to post a horrible comment here. At which point I name, shame, post her photos and her contact details.

Incentive to be nice or what? hehe

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