I Won The Lottery? Part Two!

Continuation from "I Won The Lottery?" a few days back. I actually got a reply from him! Clearly English is not his first language as the sarcasm was completely lost on him. So, he replied with:

welcome Dan English, we are still working on your document, we will reply you very soon

from CEO
francis brown
So, "Francis Brown" has gone from a President to a CEO. Not bad in the space of a week, though is it a promotion or a demotion? Hmmm... Anyway, for those interested, €500,000 equates to £341,457, or $631,149.

Please note, I am well aware this is some kind of scam and/or hoax. I would need my head examined if I though this might be legit! It's the first time one of these guys has ever replied to me, so I figured I would see how far I can take it ;)

Anyways, I've replied to him:
Mr Brown

Thank you very much for replying. Do you have any idea how long this application will take? I would love to take my wife and seven children on holiday this summer!

Many Thanks
Dan English
Reckon he'll catch on yet? hehe

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4 Responses to “I Won The Lottery? Part Two!”

Alan Fisher said...

you should check out this:


This guy is fantastic at getting the scammers screwed over!

Anonymous said...

Do let me know if you need to borrow any of my brood, to take on vacation and get that total to seven for you...

Moncrief Speaks said...

Dan, you might be interested in this story.

I'm not sure that I would want any contact with these people at all, but I guess it can't hurt if you're having a laugh.

Dan said...

Yep, these people won't be getting a penny out of me for "clearing funds" or what have you. I'm not worried that they have my email address as it's sole purpose in life is for junk mail (dan.junk) and I don't often give out my general email addy to anyone.

The Nigeria scams are awful though - there was a similar story of someone over here hooked and reeled in. Sometimes they have to fly out there themselves where they are robbed as well as all the money they have taken.

Craziness .