It's Getting Worse

The moaning. Now, I know I am no better by moaning about the moaners, but for goodness sake. Mr and Mrs Grouchy Pants, please, we're all in the same country, I KNOW how hot it is. Yes, I am a fatty, so I know how sweaty things get. Yes, I agree, it is very humid. But for goodness sake, please, stop complaining about it OVER and OVER. First thing this morning you were complaining that it was sooo hot already (at 8.45am) and that you couldn't bear it, but at 3pm it was the same story, that you were too hot, and too sweaty and that you wished the weather "would make up it's mind" or you'd consider heading to another country once and for all. Because the weather in other countries is so much easier to predict. Apparently. And how the heat is messing with your hair. And your cars paintwork. And making things unbearable at night - and then that you refuse to spend £10 on a fan to cool things down.

So, Mr and Mrs Grouchy Pants, please think back six weeks or so... Remember the wind, the rain and the freezing temperatures. The comments like "It's sooo cold for the end of April" and "I really hope it brightens up this summer". Now you're making comments about it being too hot and you wish it would cool down some more.

Make up your fricking minds. You live in England, the weather is always wobbly. You know it's either going to be too hot or too cold, or too wet or too dry. Yes, we're facing a drought - don't tell me how bad things are getting, and THEN tell me you've had your sprinkler running all day to keep your lawn alive. Screw the lawn - I'd rather drink thanks.

......... In other news, the weather is lovely. Sure I'm all hot and sweaty, but the worst thing is the moaners. The people that were complaining about the cold earlier this year and willing it to be summer - they are now making comments like "roll on October". I swear it's the only way the British can survive, by wishing away the weather.

I didn't have the heart to tell Mr and Mrs Grouchy Pants about the heavy storms we're due tonight! hehe No doubt tomorrow morning I will get the "I can't believe how wet it is" speech.

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