So I've spent most of today making faint "Owie" noises - every time I move, lift, carry or whatever something somewhere in my body aches, so I've been very feeble all day. Added to this my strength seems to have been reduced to zero.

We headed over to Ruths for coffee - lucky for me she admitted she was going to "get me back" after yesterdays soaking, but after the hurtie today, I told her better not. So I remained nice and dry despite being achey!

Last night I thought I should have a shower or whatever, but was too sore to clamber into the bath. Just had a shower and really wish I had done it last night as it helped a bit. I've taken some over-the-counter pills which has helped a bit too, so now we're on the Absinthe to complete the healing. And by "We're on the Absinthe" I mean "I am drinking it as no one else likes it". Shame ;)

Jo is playing WoW at the moment, and I am heading out this evening to do that "social" thing, so fingers crossed the last step in the road to achey-recovery lies just around the corner.

The weather today has been brilliant. Burning sun, no breeze - I love the summer. Everyone else hates it, but I love it. Bring it on!

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