I've not done this sort of post for a while, so here we go :) A list of amusing links for your benefit.

  • The Sprite Advert: This is the uncensored version of an advert we have over here. Rather amusing even if you don't know it.
  • Animator vs. Animation: Very amusing Flash animation with the Stickman trend with a difference.
  • Ebayer Harrassed: Normal guy selling a normal car. Standard stuff. Until you read the stuff he has added with people emailing him questions - his answers crack me up.
  • Alien Chickens: hehe this picture... Apparently it's an inflatable shed to protect free-range chickens from bird flu, but damn me if it doesn't look like an Alien Chicken craft.
  • Show Off Balloons: Ever been impressed with the clown that makes a balloon dog?
  • Coke+Mentos: Every idiot now knows what happens when you mix these two items. There's always SOMEONE that has to go one step further.
  • Creme Egg Omelete: Looks as gross as it sounds...
  • Expensive Cat Toy: Brave is the man that let's his cat play with that sort of thing.
  • 50 Cent vs. Thomas the Tank: I know people like to remix to tracks together, but some people have WAY too much time on their hands!
That should keep you happy/entertained for a while. If not, tough luck ;)

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