Oooh Mr Minge!

I completely forgot about that!

Those of you that read Minges Blog will remember a while back the smart little Scot ran a contest that had me pulling my hair out. Until I asked Jo to have a look. Well, she managed to get the final steps in the quest, and claimed the glory for herself. Minge mailed her and told her she would be getting a fab prize, and he wasn't wrong!

We received a little package, and when I saw who it was from (with very neat handwriting I should add) I alerted the authorities. They blew it up and returned the contents to us. For me, a very large pair of marigolds (ie, washing up gloves!), while Jo had a personal envelope. She was away that weekend, so I could either xray it or steam it open. As my xray machine is broken, and I am too lazy to steam open the mail, I waited till she came home.

Inside was her very own voucher for the High Street, all to her self.

Of course, being the people we are, the gloves are on my desk, and her voucher is on display on hers. Our prizes are now kept under the "keepsake" category! I think the gloves were Minges way of saying "You're a great guy Dan, I know you did 90% of the work and Jo is just a glory hound" but he's too polite to say it ;)

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2 Responses to “Oooh Mr Minge!”

Minge said...

I'm too polite for a lot of things! ROFL!

Dan said...

hehehe yes, but not polite enough for too many more ;)