Nnnghblerghuuuurgh *thud*

Going to bed a 2am and getting up at 6am does not equate to being a joyful little bunny in the morning. No one to blame but myself I suppose. Well, I can blame everyone else, but that's not the point.

Anyway. Yesterday.

I was moping around most of the day feeling like a bastard and sulking in my own little huffy world. I called my nan yesterday morning - something I've not done in far too long - and had a chat with her. I think I'd have been better had she screamed at me for not calling, not visiting, not going to the funeral, but she was... Well, she was my nan. She's always been great, always been understanding, and always been my favorite out of the grandparents. She was telling me that no one can understand how I feel in the family, none of them can judge me and that she'd bash any one that did.

Bear in mind she's nearly 90 and had a hip replacement.

Why did I want to be shouted at and reprimanded? Probably to ease my conscious, or have someone else agree that I was being a bastard. But as everyone has said "Dan, stop being a twat" I figure not everyone can be wrong. Well, I suppose they can - remember how popular Tab Clear was...

So, my day was spent with Jo and Ruth working their magic on me - we hid out at Ruths virtually all day yesterday and let the kids tear each other apart. I was plied with caramel cappuccino, chocolate, and cake. Once the kids (both ours and hers) were in their respective beds, Jo told me to bugger off and chill out for the evening at Ruths. Where I had more coffee than a Colombian coffee merchant, and we sat watching my favorite purchase of the moment, the DVD of the TV Series, Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves which is a BBC documentary of a martial arts expert traveling the far east learning secrets and suchlike. Someone has plopped a load of clips over on YouTube, you can watch this one that I chose randomly. And the first season DVD only cost a fiver, so Yay.


I also collected my rather shiny new phone yesterday. Granted I am still learning to play with it, but it's sooooo purdy. My first mobile phone was a Motorola maaany years ago and cost me a fortune, and I was ticked to note that they've still got some of their original ringtones on there - in an age of mp3 tones, music and auto-answer for the tits with bluetooth headsets. I mean, come on, you've got a bit of plastic strapped to your head.

And so, here we are at the end of another week. Well, almost. We've actually finally managed to palm the kids off for the night, and are heading back to Ruths place for beer, spirits, booze, chinese food... And probably the other disc of Kick Ass Moves. Not that we've told Jo or Paul (Ruths "friend" hehe) yet. But it's a laugh.

Now I am going to concentrate or proving you can't poison yourself with coffee at this time of the day.

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