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To put the worrying masses to rest, here I am!

All is quiet - been busy, but quiet. I've been dealing with the loss of my Grandfather in my own way, keeping busy and occupied. A couple of people have suggested I go to the Chapel of Rest to see him, but that really isn't an option for me. Being that I've not seen him for so long, I remember him as a large chap smiling and joking - I don't want to see what's happened to him over the past months.

Pretty much been out most days, either hanging with a couple of friends, shopping or just "out". Jo has been struck down with the period from hell (I know, you love the details!), so I've been doing the smart thing and hiding out elsewhere. I'm not just a pretty face ;) I almost got caught in a flour fight a few days back, so I nipped it in the bud, grabbed the bag and drowned the instigators instead - much easier. Another water fight almost kicked off yesterday too, but getting certain people cornered while I am armed with a bottle of water is much easier. Even IF they used blackcurrent while I was using tapwater.

Women for you I suppose!

Gemma is about ready to spawn child all over the place, which means she likely won't be at the funeral on Thursday. She did manage to come over the other night with a large fishtank - she's upgrading hers, so I get to upgrade mine with her old one! Of course, my three ickle goldfish will be a bit lost in there, so more fish here we come!

See - pretty much nothing occuring at the moment. Enjoying the weather, enjoying being a social butterfly, and generally chilling. As I've not posted a picture for a while, he is one of Tam - she's actually asleep on the floor beside by chair, flanked by my very large boots - she opened her eyes as I took the photo then fell asleep again... It's a phone picture, hence the crappy quality.

Wow - I'm actually impressed that my boots are so big. Told ya I was a huge hunk of man! hehe

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