Of Tanks and Bloodlines

From Gemmas comment in the box there, you will see that things for her and for me are running at different speeds. For example, my fishies have been upgraded as it were. The poor little lads were living in a little condo, bumping into each other, sharing the sofa, not having any "Personal" space as it were. Then Gemma and Pete got a new fish tank, and shuffled their previous one my way.

NOW. Bob, Bob and Bob have a luxurious, spacious mansion, with all the latest mod-cons, spa jets, pool, running water... You can click that little photo for a bigger image. Of course, shifting the bloody great thing around was not easy, and I've got three horrible cuts on my hand now to prove it. And the pump put up a hell of a fight to boot!

As for the "bloodlines" part of the title. Well, my family is due to expand from Gemmas branch of the family tree, as of Yesterday. Gemma is now officially overdue with spawning the little blobby baby I will corrupt into a Mini Dan. For it shall be a boy, I hath forseen it. Rather, every single brother-sister combo (the cannibal meal) in our family has been boy first. Well, except a couple of cousins, but that's not the point. Majority rule. Me and Gemma, Jaysen and Bethy and Tamsyn, Mum and her Brother - and hell, if you want to get picky, Jo has an older brother, Jo's mum has an older brother, and our neighbours wife has an older brother. It's universal law.

If it's a girl, then it's clearly going to have issues.

In other news, Jo bought me a new toy today, and nice spanky Motorola Slvr. It was going to be a Fathers Day pressie, but the Slvr was out and she got me a Razr which I didn't want... Confused? Anyways, I can't actually play with said new Gadget as it's off being unlocked so I can keep my normal sim card. Fun and games.

And now I am going to stuff my face. I've got another rant knocking around in my head, but will share that later.

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3 Responses to “Of Tanks and Bloodlines”

Anonymous said...

Are the pink googles on top of it, for you to swim with your Bobs???

Alan Fisher said...

I want to hear your rant. I like it when you rant. A lot.

Minge said...

The fish tank looks very camp. And that's fabulous.