Young Master Alan

OK, not so young, but hey ;)

He left a comment of a comment on another blog - his own, I believe - which I shall attempt to answer/explain here. Because I'm bored, mostly ;)

PS: Am loving your fishtank... fabulous! And I'm glad Bob, Bob and Bob aren't inadvertently bumping into each other as they get changed to go out any more. 'Cos that would just be gay if they were sneaking looks at each others naked dorsals.

PPS: Did you notice that your new fish tank is a fabulous match for the desk that you already had? We all did, but that's 'cos we're poofs and we're nosy interior decorators.

PPPS: Plastic toys should not be left in view, imho. They should be stored in the wife's bed-side cabinet.

PPPPS: As for the gigantic nappies 'neath the tank... what bloody size IS your youngest baby? They're monstrous! (they ARE nappies, right? Jo isn't "visiting the decorator"????)

WHAT? Just thought I'd ask!!!!!!!

'Nuff said, sweetie?

So, from the top... Thank you for the compliments, though Bob, Bob and Bob are a little put out by the tit with the camera continually invading their privacy for the glorification of the world. Kinda like the celebs in Hello magazine. But I think they're having some kind of relationship - they all seem to get on a little too well... And when they are getting changed, they are definietly invading one anothers personal space.

As for colourschemes and matching of wood, yes, it had crossed my mind. The previous tank was black ash which is a dust magnet and matched precisely nothing in here. So now I have stuff that matches finally. Here's some more proof:

Plastic toys - heh, well, assuming you mean the 4-wheel-drive vehicle up on my old computer case, then I apologise. It's engine (the batteries) needs a recharge, and Tam is most put out that the mechanic is taking so long to get his job done. If you mean the pink thing on top (and this should answer a certain little miss down in Portsmouth), they are Tamsyns Baby Ray Bans that look somewhat like googles, minus the whole water-proof part.

Now, as for the nappies. Alan, have you ever seen a nappy? They range from the size of a kitchen towel sheet, to the size of a parachute, depending on the age of the kid. So Tam is in 4+. Bigger than 4, smaller than 5. A size 4 would be WAY too small, and a size 5 WAY too big. Kinda "Young Toddler" size.

Jo visiting the decorator is another story that is 99.9% likely to get me as a victim on Crimewatch. Anyway... Maybe the scale and context of the photo made the nappies appear somewhat larger than they are, so, for your viewing pleasure:

Is that better for the size context? The nappy (as it's not too clear on the camera phone) is nine inches long. There's a fifty pence piece, my specs and a pen for size comparisons ;) Maybe you should borrow some babies of varying age, learn the differences in nappies, not to mention the skills required for changing a baby while it squirms around. Broaden your horizons, as it were ;)

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One Response to “Young Master Alan”

Alan Fisher said...

omg... how bored were you? Still, I did laugh at your nappy measurement picture!

And no, I don't think I'll be borrowing any babies to practice changing nappies on. I've never changed a nappy and I never will... I think I'd puke.