Another (Boring to Most) Blog

In case you're poking around in my profile, you might notice another blog under there, "Worlds Largest Blog". It's not the worlds largest at all, by any stretch, but a Dungeons & Dragons based blog for a game (well, THE game) I am running by email. It's all just a cunning play on words. To any non-gamer, it's probably hugely boring, but if you fancy a read, go have a little lookie-loo. It's a very basic template, has comments disabled, and is literally there as a secondary archive for the game.

In case you're interested, The Worlds Largest Dungeon is currently the largest module for D&D, not to mention the most expensive. We played it Table Top (that is, with real people, face to face) and the first area took about six months of weekly playing. And there are 13 areas. Mahoosive.

And to stay on topic - EVERY D&D Gamer has seen this, but for those brave enough, this is what a game of D&D looks like...

Ahhh Summoner Geeks. Dead Alewives. Classic Stuff - and that's me, the DM, getting hammered with all the stupid questions!!

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3 Responses to “Another (Boring to Most) Blog”

Daddy Cool said...

ha ha, I probably laughed a little too hared at that.

Daddy Cool said...

hared being the sumerian spelling for hard.

Dan said...

It is rather amusing ;)
And don't worry, hared sounds perfectly fine - I read fluent typo!