I Converted Her!

So, for a while now I've been on at Jo to start her own blog. Excuses from "No one will read it" to "I have no idea what to put on there" were given, but due to my very persusive measures - that or the threat of physical violence - she finally started one up.

Now, her excuse about content is not founded - after all, you all read MY ramblings about, well, complete crap, so I am sure people will read hers. Go take a peek and say hi - point your browsers at http://jo-rant.blogspot.com and feed the old wench words of encouragement.

She reads here, but usually every few days, so come Tuesday no doubt I will get a punch for that comment, and have NO idea why! hehe

Edit: Sorry Christine, you might have been the first blog I was reading (hence your #1 position on "Blogs I read" but she gets her "But I'm your other half" trump card - so you're dropped down a space!

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One Response to “I Converted Her!”

The Random One said...

Yay, she has a blog.

It's alright, I don't mind being bumped down. ;)