Awww Bless

Here are pics of Amy, plus the occasional Mummy and Daddy, aka Gemma and Peter. Bless.
And Jo, you're STILL not getting one.

Abd yes, they are home - they were kicked out after three days, c-section or not.

What you don't realise is that last photo, Pete has rubberised arms, and has the camera twisted aaaaaall the way around so he could get a picture of the lot of em. True Story. My brother in law is Mr Fantastic. With more grey.

Her right eye is a bit sore - a pressure sore apparently. I'm sure Gemma will put her oar in and correct me :)

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One Response to “Awww Bless”

Anonymous said...

what great Photos, of a sweet family, glad to hear there all home, safe and well,