The Difference Between SEARCH and ADDRESS

OK, so there is SOMEONE out there that finds my blog in the strangest way, and while I know EXACTLY what they are doing, it's always amusing...

Here we have the top of my internet browser, Firefox. You'll have to click the image to make it larger.

Now, if you use the Google Toolbar it might look slightly different, or the new version of Internet Explorer, but for the most part, it's the same thing. That great big bar - that's where you type in the web addresses you want, ie, That smaller box, that's where you type things to find a site who's link you don't know, such as "Dan English Lyrass".

If you type the URL into the search box, granted, you find what you are looking for, but when I check my StatCounter, I see the following:

That's a result of a keyword search, or, someone putting the URL into the Google Box. Actually, thinking about it, it could also be someone just being blonde. However, the best thing about StatCounter, is I can do this:

So, hello Sweden :) Not sure how many people I know from Sweden to be searching specifically for my URL, but I imagine it's someone I play Warcraft with. Come on, fess up!

As my mum always said to me as a child, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, no matter what mistakes you make - someone is watching you.

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