If you look in the chat box there, you will see Joansy offering me her services. Remember waaaay back in February, Alan decided to start doing a Celebdaq league? Well, five of us joined, but Alan and Nikki have both left. Me, though, I stuck with it, struggling and cheering over tens of £££'s.

A few months back, some chap called Wayne Rooney broke a couple of bones in his foot. I'd just managed to scrap up to £14,000 and decided I'd invest in the little tit, and used my meager earnings to buy 4 whole shares. Three days BEFORE he broke his foot.

I've never seen my money climb higher or faster. Then it settled, but there was the whole "will he play/won't he play" in the world cup, so I kept him. He's did something stupid during a world cup match, and was all over the papers and WHOOOOSH! Money! Ka-Ching! Moolah!

I thought "this will be GREAT - he's all fired up, this'll be in the paper for weeks!"

Cue today.

Yes, I am down to just over £9,000. In a week. I just don't get it!!

Now, take this into consideration. Joansy is an American - this is a BBC-UK game. Filled pretty much with UK Celebs, in that they are all reality show rejects, TV Soap stars, footballers, socialites, or from some crappy pop band. How Joansy, HOW?! Do you have a sixth sense? Are you using some sort of hack to see the news before it happens?!


And then there is Minge and Ina. That little symbol next to their names means they've already broken £1million (just like Joansy has as well!), the million which has already been removed! Minge is currently sitting on £1.8million, so will lose that as well and get another little wad of cash next to his name.

So, here we go - using The Joansy Plan, I intend to kick everyones ass. YAAAR! Using her patented system, I will start playing Celebdaq!

(Watch this space, in five weeks I'll be selling the kids into slavery to make a few more quid!)

Edit: I've figured it! Joansy lives in Las Vegas, gambling capital of the world! She has a system! hehe Of course, it's also the CSI capital of the world, so maybe she's using their methods to solve the crime... Or something.

Edit 2: OK, Peter Crouch shares, check. 8113 shares, to be exact, leaving me a grand total of £1.12. I actually have more than that in my pocket! hehe

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3 Responses to “Celebdaq”

Mark said...

Hi Dan I'm doing celebdaq as well wondered if you wanted more for your league? user name is bakerm2

Dan said...

I will find out if it is Minge or Ina that has the reigns now and get one of them to chuck you an invite.

Minge said...

Alan was running the league. I think he's still in it, but his name doesn't appear as he's not been active for a while. You have to get him to add new members. Or, if he's not interested in playing any more, we could set up a new league. Let me know. rmtx@blueyonder.co.uk