Gemma Update

Spoke to Pete again after I got all paranoid. I phoned the labour ward, spoke to someone who I managed to confuse when I asked for Gemma English. Took me 30 seconds to realise Gemma is now married. When I asked how she was doing, the nurse paused and said she'd get the midwife. Midwife came on, sorry, can't talk. I can understand why, but it added to my building sense of paranoia.

Aaaanyway, Pete phoned. She's still in labour, still stuck at 1cm, so the doc is going to check her at 1pm (an hour and a half from now) and see if she's progressed. If not, it's Caesarianville for her. Otherwise, it's lots of sitting and waiting while Gemma naps. Which I take to mean she's all drugged and stuff.

More when I get it.

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2 Responses to “Gemma Update”

Anonymous said...

Oh gemma, please progess more tham 1cm to avoid C-section, but what ever its best for you and baby in the End, wait to hear for more news from Dan.


Alan Fisher said...

And I'm complaining about a tiny wee jab in the bottom. I can't imagine the agony of giving birth... urgh!